Yarrabee - Katoomba
Yarrabee - Katoomba

Discover the untouched natural wonderland of The Blue Mountains.

Yarrabee is a collection of stylish and functional residences in Katoomba, within the scenic Blue Mountains. Named "Yarrabee," an Indigenous word meaning 'place of many gums,' the campaign draws inspiration from the native trees, embodying the area's natural beauty. The residences boast premium features and thoughtful floor plans that harmonise with the tranquil surroundings, enabling residents to connect with the breathtaking landscape. The brand's visual identity includes a Y-shaped brand mark symbolising growth, and a colour palette mirroring Katoomba's natural hues. The campaign uses striking photography and videography to capture Katoomba's charm, promoting a lifestyle where nature meets luxury, appealing to potential buyers seeking an idyllic home.
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