Deboke Engineering
Deboke Engineering

Driven. Developed. Deboke.

Deboke consists of a highly motivated team of multidisciplinary engineers with extensive experience in civil, structural and remedial engineering. Considering themselves ‘purveyors of function,’ Deboke engineer based on the trait of being curious as to why things happen and work the way they do. Deboke tasked Creades with a complete rebrand to match the teams comprehensiveness, quality of work and overall creative curiosity.

The Deboke brand focuses on functionality at the core of its strategy, utilising graphic elements such as typefaces, grids and lines to represent the very purposeful process behind engineering. The wordmark within the identity utilises a geometric typeface consisting of bevelled edges to extend the visual narrative of engineering and (de)construction. Furthermore, the ‘D’ icon in the identity made up of two abstract shapes has also been deconstructed throughout the brand, often existing as two different graphic elements across both print and digital applications. The Deboke brand was developed across stationery, signage and capability statement.
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