Creating commercial value through branding is our focus. We make it our mission to understand our clients and the challenges they face, ensuring every design decision is based on a sense of authenticity and practicality. Our unique, client-driven processes allow us to create outcomes that make genuine connections within their market.


Creating commercial value through branding is what we do. We make it our mission to understand our clients and the challenges they face, ensuring every design decision is based on a sense of authenticity and practicality. Our unique, client-driven processes allow us to create outcomes that make genuine connections within their market.

Branding Process
  • 01. Discovery

    To kick off the branding process, we'll undergo a brand discovery workshop consisting of an in-depth meeting, allowing us to understand the underlying factors surrounding your brand. The process provides us with the knowledge to identify various strategic opportunities, discovering the purpose behind your brand. During this meeting, we'll discuss your:
    • Business model & services
    • Target audience & competitors
    • Competitive advantage
    • Strengths & weaknesses
    • Price positioning
    • Future vision
    • Inspiration
    • Desired perception
  • 02. Brainstorm

    As a collective, our team hold an internal brainstorm, providing us with an opportunity to dissect and better articulate our findings. In this process, we expand on our discovery notes & discuss various strategic directions for your brand.
    • Brainstorming session
    • Gathering noteworthy information
    • Identifying strategic opportunities
    • Refining all brainstorm findings
    • Strategically defining visual options
  • 03. Findings & Mood Board

    Expanding on our notes, we'll provide you with a brand findings & mood board document. The document will present our collated input through the process of reproducing, refining, and re-communicating our understanding of your brand's intentions. Following the findings will be a series of mood board options made up by a collection of visual inspiration supported by emotive keywords. This vital piece of the project allows you to decide which visual direction feels most authentic & best represents your business.
    • Strategically repurposed findings
    • Brand talking points & content guide
    • Brand associated keywords
    • Options for visual directions
  • 04. Brand Concepts

    Absorbing everything we've learnt thus far, we begin to capture the essence of your brand story through some initial visual concepts. We'll design and produce your brand concepts to seamlessly align with your approved direction. Each concept will consist of a logo, brand messaging, colour scheme, typefaces & an identity system for your brand to maintain a recognisable visual language throughout all of your marketing collateral.
    • Brand identity concepts
    • Brand messaging
    • Visual language presented in a series of relatable mockups
  • 05. Brand Refinement

    The brand refinement process allows us to review our concepts in-depth. Throughout this process, we challenge each other's thoughts and explore opportunities to further refine & develop your brand before unveiling it for the first time. Brand creation allows us to visually collate our ideas; however, brand refinement is where we expand on them to achieve the perfect outcome.
    • Exploring brand concepts
    • Further refinement & development
    • Testing against the brief
  • 06. Brand Guidelines & Handover

    Upon approval, our team will create a brand guidelines document to articulate your brand identity into a visual & written guide. This document sets the visual expectations of your brand to maintain consistency throughout all audience touchpoints. Upon completion, we'll hand over your logo variations in all required formats, your brand-approved typefaces & your brand guidelines document.
    Brand Guidelines:
    • Approved logo
    • Logo correct usage
    • Logo incorrect usage
    • Colour palette & codes
    • Typeface & typographic rules
    • Brand element rules (if applicable)

    Brand Handover:
    • Primary & secondary logo files
    • Brand approved fonts
    • Brand guidelines
  • 07. Marketing & Brand Support

    Upon handover, we'll apply our expertise across your required marketing collateral. From asset & content creation to designing your company profile & website, our team will support your brand across various touchpoints to authentically engage your audience & communicate your purpose. We aim to follow our clients on their journey, providing input & nurturing their brands along the way.
    • Stationery
    • Website
    • Company profile
    • Advertising material
    • On-going digital & print design
    • Brand support
    • Social Media
    • Campaign branding & more
What will I receive?
  • 01. Brand Findings & Moodboard

    After our discovery meeting & brainstorming session, we'll produce your brand findings & mood board document. This process allows us to reproduce, refine & re-communicate our findings - identifying strategic opportunities for content. These findings funnel their way down into brand associated keywords, which are then split into various visual directions, presenting options for you to choose which best resonates with your brand. This purpose-driven process allows you to understand the origin and authenticity of your brand identity.
  • 02. Brand Presentation

    Our team will begin designing your brand identity with an objective to produce an outcome that seamlessly aligns with the approved mood board. Each concept will consist of a proposed logo & various design mockups, visually communicating the look & feel of your brand whilst using the brand findings document as a content guide.
  • 03. Brand Guidelines Document

    Upon approval, our team will produce a brand guidelines document. This document states the rules of your brand identity, allowing your internal team & all consultants to be visually guided towards brand consistency. This document displays your approved logo, correct & incorrect usage, colour palette & colour codes, brand-approved typeface & typographic rules, and brand element rules.
  • 04. Brand Handover Files

    Your brand handover package consists of all visual brand elements, including logo colour and layout variations in all required file formats, approved typefaces, brand assets & brand guidelines document.
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